About Me

I’m a full time DSP Engineer and part time Viking from North Germany, with a strong focus on machine vision and audio/video processing.

I founded MontiVision years ago, which is now part of Haivision Network Video. I love software development and am currently working on live video streaming and transcoding applications.

I am also running C4IP B.V. with three smart Dutch guys. C4IP offers DVB over IP services to cost effectively connect TV and Radio channels to cable and satellite providers.

The name of my weblog is the name of a place that my family and me feel strongly related to – Haithaby (or Hedeby/Heidabyr). It was a viking settlement and the biggest north european trading centre about a thousand years ago. Nowadays you’ll find a viking musuem and a small rebuild settlement, where you can see authentic viking life … and sometimes me 😉

A strong interest for history and love for wood made me start carving things like spoons a couple of years ago. I ended up carving authentic medieval bows from differend woods and becoming a traditional archer. You’ll find some of that stuff on these pages.

I love reading historical novels written by people like Bernard Cornwell or Rebecca Gable and all sorts of awesome music, with stronger weight on alternative music, punk and metal.

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