New Szalóky Arrows

When you are an Archer, you frequently need new Arrows. Things just happen. In the optimal case, you learned and find the time to make your own. No doubt. If not, as we me so far, you need to find your sources.

I tried a lot of arrows, cheap ones from eBay, real medieval original style handcrafted Arrows from the Viking Market in Schleswig or Haithabu (Hedeby) for 25 Euros a piece and mid-priced Arrows from other markets. To make this clear first, the original style handcrafted in Germany ones totally rock. But I don’t want to use them for my everyday training, as every breaking Arrow makes you cry …

Aside of my Longbows, I built a couple of Bows for Kids. Mathis has his own collection of Arrows and most of them are relatively new. There is a single one though, which we have for a lot of years now and it just won’t die. On the Shaft, there is an Inscription saying “Szalóky Kelemen“.

Yesterday on the Medieval Festival in Hohenwestedt I found a Booth with a Guy from Hungary, selling Szalóky Arrows. I had a quick look and the quality is the same awesome quality of the old one we got. I grabbed five for me and one for Mathis. I paid 35 Euros all together!

Coming home and shooting them a couple of times, I slapped myself not to have taken two dozen of them home …

No, it’s not the 25 Euros Viking Arrow quality we are talking about, but we are talking about 80% of the quality for 6 Euros! I’ll try to collect more of the high end ones over time for the days when I dress up and go to Viking events, but for my daily training, I’ll go for Szalóky from now on.

Ok, ‘nuff said, here are some pictures (Click on them for High Res):


The Kids Arrow in the top left picture is the old one we used for quite a couple of years. The one below is one of the new Adult Arrows with self-nock.


Getting Ready to try them with the English Longbow Smile


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