Individual Maple Longbow

I just put linseed oil and beeswax on my individual version of a longbow, made from maple wood.

The wood is far from perfect, but that’s the fun when it comes to bow building 🙂


The tiller is a bit too stiff on the right side, but I had doubts to weaken the knot regions more.


A lot of knots on the right side.


And some nice color transitions.


Some knots on the left arm.


I am using a hold without leather here.

About Heidabyr

SRT Pioneer, Streaming Video Veteran, Crypto Enthusiast and Lost Viking
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4 Responses to Individual Maple Longbow

  1. Marc says:

    I shot around 1000 arrows now and I can say that it shoots like a charme and didn’t break :D

  2. Marc says:

    43# @ 28"

  3. Clin says:

    which wood did you use ?

  4. Vikingr says:

    Local North German Maple, basically the one with these leafs:

    Last winter I didn’t take enough care of it (temperature, oil), so it got too dry and this spring it shattered into five pieces 😦

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